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Want to Remove Blackheads? Scrubbing is not the only answer

Blackhead removal is one of the most painful tasks that men and women deal with. It brings pain, redness and at times, skin cuts and bleeding too. Well, blackheads take time to form. It starts with your skin pores getting filled with dirt and oil and pollutants that eventually get solidified in the pores. This results in the formation of black clogged pores – commonly called the blackheads. We often see people using tweezers or piercing these blackheads out of the skin with fingernails. This is an extremely wrong idea of removing blackheads.

The other common blackhead extraction method comes with a scrubber. The scrubber works miracles, but when used frequently, it results in the damage of your skin tissues. While many people believe that this is the only hack to remove blackheads, there are skin experts who have brought out the best of painless blackhead treatment methods that change the way one looks at blackheads. 

Comedone Blackhead Extractor Tool

This is a new blackhead removal tool that is available in the market for the prevention and easy extraction of blackheads. The device is a pore vacuum cleaner that sucks out all the impurities that have made way and have seeped into the skin pores. The tool also helps in cleansing the skin to remove all the dead skin and aids in a good anti-wrinkle treatment that fades away fine lines. 

Activated Charcoal Mask

The activated charcoal is a product that pulls off all the impurities. It is used in purifiers to remove and absorb all the dust and dirt particles. This amazing product that acts as a blackhead extraction component comes as a face mask. All you would have to do is to apply it on your face or on the blackhead prone areas and let it dry. After the mask dries up, you can easily peel it off and all the blackheads and pollutants that were into your skin get removed very easily. 

Retinol Creams

The retinoids are a boon to humans when it comes to blackhead removal and unclogging the facial skin pores. You can go to bed applying a thick layer of retinol creams and wash off your face with a purifying or an activated charcoal face wash. This pulls out all the blackheads from the skin and proves to be one of the easiest and safest blackhead removal treatments you can give to your skin.n. 


A facial steam is an amazing blackhead extraction treatment you could get at the ease of your home. You will have to buy a portable nano steaming device and have a steam session at your comfort – at least three times a week. After every steaming session,  you could sit with your comedone extractor tool or the commonly used tweezers to clean up your pores. The steam opens up your clogged pores and allows the pore cleaners to effectively remove all the dirt, blackheads and dry skin cells that are all unwanted. 


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